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These sweet little mosaic birds are all looking for a home! They come ready to hang on your wall.   Some of them have little brass crowns. Each measures approximately 6.5″ W x 3″ H x 1″ D. Pricing: Bird with crown $78 without crown $68 (plus shipping and tax where applicable) Update June 5, 2018:  The first photograph shows the six birds I currently have available.  Please email me at if you’re interested.mosaic birds-6 copy

Materials: wood, stained glass, glitter glass, grout, beads, adhesive.




I’ve been making these sweet little mosaic birds since around 2005.  They have evolved over time and no longer have pipe cleaner feet…after all, when you’re flying it’s more aerodynamic to have your feet tucked against your body, right?  I’ve recently started making the wings out of brass, copper or aluminum that I stamp with a special phrase and some are also adorned with a metal crown.  Very soon they will be available for purchase in my new Etsy Shop.  Stay tuned!

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