My name is Amy Fancher(I was formerly known as Amy Rohde) and I am a free lance artist living in Central New York on the Seneca River with my husband, Mark and our two dogs.  Since 1993 I have primarily been known as a (self taught) mosaic artist, and boy- what a journey it’s been!  In the early days I worked mostly with recycled china, found objects and ceramic tile and  sold my work at Art and Craft shows and through various galleries and retailers around the U.S.

In 2003 I started moving away from using china as the main material and because of it, my work has become quite shiny!  I fell in love with the colors and textures available in stained glass and mirrored stained glass, also it’s a bit easier on my hands.  Recently I’ve been experimenting with ways to make my mosaic work more sculptural through carving and sculpting styrofoam and foam insulation.  I truly enjoy the discovery process and love having added dimension to my work.  I often day dream of all the different objects I’d like to build and sculpt and add sparkle and shine to(just you wait- one of these days I WILL make that giant pink squirrel sitting beside a big red and white polkadot mushroom eating a golden acorn!)

Along the way I have had the pleasure to work with some very talented designers, architects, and business owners doing a wide range of commercial mosaic installations, many of which you will find on this site.  I have also had the honor of teaching mosaics to children mostly through Arts in Education programs.  Those five years or so of teaching proved to be extremely rewarding, inspiring and challenging!  Although I no longer teach mosaics, I feel enriched for having had the experience and my respect and admiration for Teachers has greatly deepened.

After much soul searching and yearning to do something else, in 2006 I started exploring other mediums such as acrylic painting and screen printing.  The painting I enjoy purely on a personal level…but the screen printing has won my attention and is the current thrust of the business I’ve developed called Viva Sweet Love.  In my collection you’ll find quirky and beautiful original designs hand screen printed onto super soft cotton tees for women and men,  canvas messenger bags, tea towels,  cotton onesies for infants, pillow case sets, and more!  All of the designs are infused with Love and Light- seriously, I’m not kidding!  Please visit my Etsy shop to witness the magic your self;)

My love for flowers started at an early age thanks to my incredible mother, Mary Morrissey.  She was a warm, loving, sensitive, caring and extremely creative creature while she inhabited the earth and I am the person I am today because of her amazing influence.   She wore many hats very well:  floral designer, china painter,  gardener, cook and water color painter just to name a few.  Every thing she did, and every thing she created had a sense of ease and magic about it.  Needless to say, I miss her dearly (and my dad too- Love you Big Guy!).  Working with plants and flowers is a deeply spiritual thing for me- I connect with them, I talk to them…and yes, I even kiss them!  My favorite thing to do w/ my beloved plants and flowers is container gardening.  I offer my design services to both businesses and individuals, please feel free to contact me at if you’re interested.

Now, let me tell you about some of the things that inspire and move me.  I LOVE color and how particular combinations of colors together can make my jaw drop and leave me breathless.  I LOVE whimsy(though I’d like to invent a new word for it).   I LOVE shiny, sparkly things, and yes- that includes glitter.  I LOVE to laugh.  I LOVE the natural world- forests, mountains, water in all it’s forms, flowers, leaves, moss, all types of vegetation, and trees… oh how I love trees!    My family, my friends and my dogs are a constant source of inspiration, comfort and joy- I’d be lost without them.  This list could go on and on, so I’ll end it here by saying how much I thoroughly enjoy peeking into the worlds of other artists and creative types through websites and blogs- they feed and inspire me daily.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this site.  Your comments and questions are always welcome and appreciated, please email me at