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This is a smaller (non-sculptural) version of my silver mosaic angel wings in flight.  Each wing measures approximately 16” x 7” x 3/4” and weighs two pounds each. They are meticulously crafted by hand using four different types of textured silver mirrored glass that are glued onto a wooden base and then finished with white sanded tile grout.  They are available for purchase on my Etsy site, Amy Lou Fancher Art.  

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at

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These beautiful sculptural mosaic silver angel wings each measure approximately 28″ L x 14″ W x  3.5″ H (at the highest point) and weigh nine pounds each.  They are meticulously crafted by hand sculpting four layers of foam feathers on top of a wood base and are covered in six different types of textured silver mirrored glass.  Finished with a light gray tile grout.

They were completed in December of 2019 and have been SOLD for $4,750 (price does not include tax or shipping).  If you are interested in a similar pair, please feel free to contact me via email: or comment below.IMG_0186IMG_0184IMG_0190IMG_0220angel wing swag

©Amy Lou Fancher 2019, all rights reserved.

This is an original, one of a kind mosaic Sugar Skull.  I used vintage treasures that I had been saving for years on this baby!   This truly unique piece has sold.

Measurements: 26″W x 12″H x 2.5″D

Materials: Particle board, vintage china, vintage typewriter keys, glass beads, ceramic rosettes, mirrored stained glass, vintage odd fellows pin, styrofoam, adhesive, tile grout.

Date Completed:  October 2014

odd fellows pin detail

odd fellows pin third eye detail


Ceramic Rose Eyes


Sugar Skull in progress


Day of the Dead Mosaic Sugar Skull

Dia de los Muertos Mosaic Sugar Skull


Detail of ceramic leaf cheeks, ceramic butterfly nose and vintage typewriter teeth

IMG_1430 IMG_1432 IMG_1433 IMG_1435

I made these sweet little mosaic hearts for Valentines Day this year…though they would make a perfect gift for someone special any time of the year!


Big yellow flower

Big yellow flower 2003 21"W x 43"H x 5"D

yellow flower another lovely view

yellow flower -another lovely view

Big Blue Flower  2004  21"W x 43"H x 5"DBig Blue Flower 2003 21″W x 43″H x 5″D

Blue Flower close up

Blue Flower close up

flower center

flower power center

I made this five layer Wedding Cake for a 10th anniversary solo show I had in Syracuse, NY. The germination period was about 5 years and involved various experiments with different materials for the base form of the cake.  Plaster of Paris was one of the materials experimented with, however it was much too heavy! Foil wrapped foam insulation ended up being the material of choice which was carved into round cake-like layers w/ a serrated knife and glued together. To create the frosting I tinted caulk with acrylic paint, let it dry slightly then piped it through a piping bag with various decorative tips.

As a side note- in the first photograph of the cake (w/ dark background) I had to remove one of the layers because the cake was too tall for the back drop paper.

Materials: Particle board, foam insulation, styrofoam, stained glass, mirrored stained glass, porcelain flowers, vintage cake topper, caulk, acrylic paint, construction adhesive, tile grout

Dimensions: 40″H x 18″W

Date Completed: March 2003

© Amy Fancher

Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake side
Porcelain flower detail
The Happy Couple

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